Kyiv, Ukraine

Concept design of a multichannel spatial sound system to accompany the artistic video mapping of the facade of the Roshen chocolate factory, backdrop of the new Roshen Plaza. During the daytime, the multichannel system provides the sonic canvas for a plethora of sound droplets and bites that interleave with the sounds of the city.

The Space Factory assisted Les Éclaireurs with the concept design of the sound system, which consists of 10 full-spectrum frontal line arrays, 32 rear channels interprersed with a dozen subwoofers along a 120 m wide x 16 m tall facade. For the second part of the project, the sound design in support of the magical ice rink experience within the Roshen Winter Village consisted of an authentic and slightly nostalgic sonic character with small clusters of pole-mounted horn loudspeakers. Roshen Plaza has ample contemporary network connectivity in support of temporary setup of a performance stage for amplified music.

Les Éclaireurs integrated all loudspeakers and electronics into the facade and bench, and assured the integration of the networked control of the multichannel sound files and with the cue system of the video mapping software.

The first sound scapes were developed with percussionist and composer Yi-Ping Yang, excerpts of which can be found via the links below.

Architects — AER Anastasiia Stryzhevska
Landscape architects — In-Situ Paysagistes
Lighting and video mapping designer — Les Éclaireurs
Owner — Roshen Museum
Sound Design — The Space Factory
Integrator — Sound House Pro ; current situation at Sound House Pro
Images courtesy Les Éclaireurs
Status — inaugurated fall 2020