Mucuchíes, Mérida, Venezuela

The village of Mucuchiés lies in the center of a valley at 3,000 meters above sea level. The new facilities for the Fondación Musical Simon Bolivar (a.k.a. El Sistema) consist of three buildings, which will be constructed in three phases: a music school, a 400-seat concert space, and workshops for the arts.

The center piece of the music school is the Sala Experimental, a large orchestral rehearsal room that opens to the outdoors. The construction for this first phase of the project is underway.

The Space Factory assists the architects and client with the practical organization and design of the music school and its technical facilities.

Architect — ADJKM
Acoustician — Kahle Acoustics
Scenographer — The Space Factory
Project area — 3,000 m2 GFA (phase 1)
Construction cost — € 7.5 M (equivalent in Europe)
Status — phase 1 gradually reaching practical completion, phases 2 & 3 awaiting funding
Images courtesy ADJKM – Khristian Ceballos Ugarte