Berlin, Germany

The dance community in Berlin is as varied and dispersed as the city, and is going through a process of re-invention and redefinition.

The needs of the dance scene(s) vary to a great degree, but there are a few strong common denominators, such as a need for (safe) working space(s), a fair system for personal and professional development, and a central resource center for research.

Our research group is working on a proposal for a House for Dance and Choreography that combines organizational forms and formats with constellations of spaces and places in order to address the cornerstones of the quest.

The Space Factory is part of a diverse research group that consists of and is surrounded by dansers, choreographers, creative set designers, architects, art managers and others engaged in the development of dance and choreography, in Berlin or elsewhere.

Client — Berlin Senate
Research Team — Thorsten Kock, Sharzad Rahmani, Frans Swarte, Lisa Densem, Moritz Majce, Ulrike Kuner
Image courtesy Pockemon Crew/Barbara Fol-Gutierrez