Copenhagen, Denmark

personal references Frans Swarte — a selection

The concert house for the Danish Radio, designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel, is the home of the radio’s music ensembles and the basis for all music recording and live broadcast, including pop and rock, jazz and classical.

Studio 1 is a 1,800-seat vineyard-style concert hall. The hall features a large motorized acoustical reflector with integrated orchestra lighting, and hoists for microphones, loudspeakers and lighting. A large curtain at the perimeter of the room allows a broad instrumentation, from acoustical to heavily amplified.

Three large music studios fit in the footprint below the concert hall. The studios serve a broad range of music and events, with some initial focus points: Studio 2 for classical music (same stage as the concert hall), Studio 3 for jazz (big band) and improvised music, and Studio 4 for choir and chamber music. Isolation booths placed around the studios provide ample visual connections between the spaces. The acoustics of the studios are greatly variable with the push of a button. The four sound control rooms are identical in size and shape, except for their color schemes.

While at Ducks Scéno, Frans was project manager for most of the Construction Administration phase, assisting the architects and the Danish Radio client team with the development and integration of the ongoing design and the coordination with the users and contractors.

Architects — Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Owner — Danish Radio
Acoustician — Nagata Acoustics
Scenographer — Frans Swarte for Ducks Scéno for the Construction phase, assisted by ITV mbH
Project area — 20,000 m2
Construction cost — € 300+ M
Theater equipment cost — € 10 M
Year — inaugurated 2009