Hamburg, Germany

The Elbphilharmonie consists of a 2,150-seat concert hall, a chamber music hall with up to 550 seats, and a choir rehearsal room for 150 singers. The project has become the second home of the NDR Symphony Orchestra, and includes extensive recording and broadcast facilities.

While at Ducks Scéno, Frans Swarte was scenographer and project manager for the Elbphilharmonie. During the final 30 months of the Construction Administration phase, The Space Factory was acting scenography consultant and keeper of project memory for Herzog & de Meuron.

Architects — Herzog & de Meuron
Client — City of Hamburg, Germany
Acoustician — Nagata Acoustics
Scenographer — The Space Factory (Ducks Scéno through 2014)
Project area — 20,000 m2 NFA
Project cost — 780 M Euro
Theater equipment estimate — 15 M Euro
Inaugurated in January 2017